Perhaps the most popular Christian magazine, comes from a moderate evangelical perspective.

A Christian magazine with an emphasis on social justice and the arts. A millennial-ish publication.

A popular and free site for classes on Christianity. Contributors include well-known Christian academics such as Dr. Greg Beale (WTS), Dr. Craig Blomberg (Denver Seminary), Dr. Darrell Bock (DTS), Dr. John Coe (Talbot), among many others.

Provides free course materials for class or self-study to provide training roughly equivalent to that provided by a seminary degree. The materials appear to be of high quality and include video, audio, and written formats in several languages. For example, The Book of Joshua Forum includes contributions by Dr. Chip Hardy (SBTS), Dr. Philip Ryken (Wheaton), and Dr. Carol Kaminski (Gordon-Conwell) among others.

Pete and Geri Scazzero are two of the most important Christian voices currently discussing what a holistic, healthy spirituality looks like.

e-Sword is a free bible study application written by one man (Rick Meyers). There are a number of bible study applications out there and I primarily use Logos, but e-Sword is a great resource – especially if you are financially constrained.

The software comes with a few study resources pre-installed but hundreds more are available for free (and some for purchase). To get you going, here are a few resources I’d recommend:

  • KJV/KJV+ (Included)
  • Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge Cross-References (Included)
  • English Standard Version (ESV/ESV+)
  • Lexham English Bible (LEB)
  • Adam Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible
  • Albert Barnes’ Notes on the Bible
  • David Guzik’s Enduring Word Commentary
  • Keil & Delitzsch’s Commentary on the Old Testament (this is an academic work)
  • Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible
  • Robertson’s Word Pictures in the New Testament
  • Vincent’s Word Studies in the New Testament
  • Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries (a concordance)
  • Brown-Driver-Briggs’ Hebrew Definitions (a concordance, similar to Strong’s)
  • Thayer’s Greek Dictionary (also a concordance, similar to Strong’s)
  • Easton’s Bible Dictionary


Dr. Thomas L. Constable is Professor Emeritus at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), perhaps the best known seminary founded on a dispensational theology. He has written extensive notes which he has updated regularly over the years on each biblical book and provides them for free on his website.

One of the main (and longstanding) voices within evangelical Christianity.

A tremendous library of Christian literature spanning across the centuries.

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