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A WordPress page builder that has become quite popular. It is available for free with extra addons coming at a premium.

A well-known and mature WordPress page builder and theme builder. There is a basic page builder version ($99) with a more expensive theme builder ($199).

Available on CodeCanyon for $35. Has had 2,546 sales and holds a 4.87 rating from 135 reviews as of 10/29/17. There is also a add-on that adds front-end user generated content posting.

Allows one to build a directory whether for geographical locations (e.g. local businesses) or a web directory like those of yore (e.g. DMOZ and Yahoo!). Available on CodeCanyon for $29, 7,751 sales and a 4.54 rating from 636 reviews as of 10/29/17.

A WordPress plugin facilitating and managing user generated content available on CodeCanyon for $25. As of 10/29/17 has 1,853 sales and a 4.85 rating based on 88 reviews.

A WordPress plugin that provides front-end user registration, login, password reset, user generated content submissions, etc. Available on CodeCanyon for $30. As of 10/29/17 has 16,817 sales and 4.39 rating from 1546 reviews.

A WordPress plugin available on CodeCanyon for $29. It has had 7,805 sales and 4.34 rating from 588 reviews as of 10/29/17.

This article on WPMUDEV covers nine different plugins (free and premium) that can be utilized to solicit and manage user generated content (UGC).

Another popular WordPress plugin, this one also allows for building forms with a special focus on facilitating user generated content (UGC). Available on CodeCanyon, price is $29, as of 10/29/17 had 1,561 sales and a 4.88 rating based on 111 reviews.

A popular WordPress form management plugin available via CodeCanyon. As of 10/29/17 it has had 7,606 sales and is rated 4.42 based on 433 ratings. Price is $38. There are several add-ons including eForm Easy SQL ($10) which creates tables for form data and provides the data in an unserialized format allowing easy SQL querying.

Akismet is an anti-spam service which exposes an API one can use to integrate anti-spam functionality into an application. It is best known for its WordPress plugin of the same name.

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