A lot of folks aren’t familiar with RSS feeds. For those who are, you probably already know about Feedly, as it has become somewhat of a de facto replacement for the venerable but now deceased Google Reader. It offers a slick user interface, powerful keyboard shortcuts, robust tools for organizing and searching one’s feeds, etc. I’m a Feedly Pro member and happy to support the service with my money as it yields such a valuable service.

For those who aren’t familiar with RSS feeds, think of podcasts. You subscribe to a podcast and get episodic content from it. This is similar to the way an RSS feed works except it is generally for written material. Instead of visiting and revisiting the page of your favorite bloggers to see if they have written anything new, you subscribe to their RSS feed in a feed reader like Feedly and then you only need to check one place to see the latest updates from all your favorite sources.

It isn’t just personal blogs that use RSS, RSS is wisely used by popular sites such as TechCrunch, Lifehacker, and news organizations. I’d guesstimate I subscribe to several hundred feeds from across the web!