Pragna group - Bromo benzene

Pragna Group has a wide range of experience and a history of developing new products and challenging processes. He has been established in the year 1999. It is promoted & beckoned by a team of Trade-experts. These are the reasons today all our global clients having Trust and enjoy the business with us. The company believes in transparency in all aspects. It is an important part of our legacy, culture, and brand. We strive to run all processes reliably and to the desired targets while avoiding the costs of poor quality.

We have Our Product List Name here.

Custom synthesis and toll manufacturing

Agro chemicals and fine chemicals

Dyes and pharma intermediates

Bromo benzene

anthraquinone derivatives

Meta nitroaniline (mna)

1 5-dichloroanthraquinone

1 8-dichloroanthraquinone

Benzotrichloride (btc)

Nebivolol Api

4-bromo orthocresol

NNN Trimethyl Nitroanilinium Chloride (nitri)

Job Works in agro chemicals

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